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Spheronized Pellets | Extended Release | Poorly Soluble Antiemetic Agent

Thanks to Caleva not only for making great equipment but also for being helpful to give us access to it within our budget. I would ALSO like to thank Caleva for the help given in providing the small scale extrusion and spheronization equipment for our laboratory. The latest research paper from our pharmaceutical department (Lipids bearing extruded-spheronized pellets for extended release of...

How reproducible can measurements be of something that is not homogeneous?

The MTR-3 uniquely offers a means of characterising the rheological properties of a wet granulation by providing a quantitative value of the consistency of the material tested. The more traditional hand squeeze test, previously widely used, to measure or compare granulations, is falling into disrepute and is no longer considered appropriate for modern day industrial production or research...

Yield problems in production and quality control

One of the strengths of the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer (MTR-3) is that it can be used to verify the properties of wet powder mass samples taken during production in large scale mixer/granulator systems. It can be used simply as a quality control tool on a regular basis or specifically as an aid to problem solving. Small samples can be taken directly from production and within two minutes a...

I have inconsistent extrusion & spheronization results with a difficult active ingredient?

The following case study demonstrates how the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer.  The MTR-3 was an invaluable aid in a specific case. A manufacturer of generic Venlafaxine pellets was experiencing inconsistent results from their manufacturing line. The resultant product was variable in both usable yield (weight of acceptable pellets as a % of weight of granulation made), and dissolution profile....

How the Mixer Torque Rheometer resolved a tablet friability issue

Caleva worked closely with a well known producer of food supplements made from natural materials, plant extracts and other natural food sources.  Their tablet formulations work well and this nutraceutical company has a good reputation for their products.  Generally they do not encounter problems with tablets breaking or disintegrating during manufacture, packing or storage.

Determination of moisture requirement to prepare spheroids by extrusion-spheronization

Spheroids are popularly used in the design of multi-particulate drug delivery systems. Extrusion and spheronization is commonly employed to manufacture spheroids in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a multiple-step manufacturing process which could be summarized into the flow chart as shown in Figure 1.

Save Time and Cost in Formulation Development

In the mid 1990’s, the field of pyrotechnics was limited mainly to applications in aircraft ordnance, fireworks and rock blasting. This has been developed to a highly advanced science and is an extensively used technology which finds application in spacecraft, aircraft and underwater vehicle systems. “Pyrotechnic “is defined as “explosive-actuated” and refers especially to devices in which...

"End Point Determination” Using the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer

A company wished to move a formulation currently undergoing product development from small scale laboratory (with batches of 50 grams) to the next stage for a larger scale batch trial of 100 kg (scale–up).  The development had been started using a small Caleva Multi Lab bench top mixer (maximum batch capacity 50 gram of wet mass). This development had been successful and now additional samples...

Do you have heat generation and associated issues with your Extrusion process?

When talking with customers who manage production scale extrusion I am often asked to comment on the amount of heat generated and the issues that this can cause. In reality it is just something that we have to live with as all extrusion processing will generate heat. The amount of heat generated will vary depending on the formulation of the product, the rate of extrusion, the physical...

Practical Approach on Industrial Rheology and Rheometry - MCIK Annual Seminar

Join Caleva's partner MCIK for their annual seminar

Caleva have a new distributor in South Korea for Extrusion and Spheronization equipment

Caleva has appointed as it’s exclusive distributor in South Korea, Dr. Kim, Seungrok.

Caleva visits staff from Pharmacy Department Can Tho University, Vietnam

Mr Nguyen Hung makes a routine follow-up visit to the University of Can Tho. He discusses the use of the Caleva MCD-2 with Ms Tuyen who teaches at the University and has special responsibility for all the technical equipment within the faculty.

Catalyst Pellets cracked! The strange apple sauce method

Over the past couple of years I have worked with a huge number of chemical engineering teams, trying to crack the optimum base for a catalyst pellet. After hours of trials and research, I am pleased to say, we’ve done it!

Spheronization Barrier Technique from Caleva

OK, so this was a tip I discovered a while back, but now it’s becoming more and more beneficial for me in practice when working with sticky, viscous materials.  Perhaps this will help you too?

A visitor to Caleva uses innovative Caleva technology to help investigations into the control of leaf cutting ants in Costa Rica

Ms Catherine Jimenez from the Laboratorio do Biotechnologia, Universidad de Costa Rica is working in collaboration with a company to produce a novel ant bait for use against a major agricultural pest. The requirements for the study was to have available a laboratory extruder that would be able to produce extrudate not only of different diameters but also of different densities.Using a...

Aaron Quinn of Caleva visits new distributor InterPharmTechnology in Moscow, Russia

The image shows from left to right Aaron Quinn, Galina Val'kova (FEA Manager), Pavel Andreev (Technical Director), Galina Korichneva (Sales Manager), Konstantin Tkachenko (sales manager), Marina Golovchanskaya (documentation specialist).

Caleva and Pellet Development in Thailand

Caleva Process Solutions has supported the development of pellets in Thailand for many years. Caleva equipment is currently installed and used in several industrial and research sites. Amongst these is the Thai Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) as well as the oldest and most prestigious university in Thailand (Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok). If you need any information them...

Systematic investigation of the shape evaluation results of solid lipid pellets with diverse composition employing two different characterization methods

Systematic investigation of the shape evaluation results of solid lipid pellets with diverse composition employing two different characterization methods

University of La Plata Argentina, Dr Arturo Hoya, develops low cost essential medicines with equipment Caleva equipment


Carnauba wax as a promising excipient in melt granulation targeting the preparation of mini-tablets for sustained release of highly soluble drugs

Carnauba wax as a promising excipient in melt granulation targeting the preparation of mini-tablets for sustained release of highly soluble drugsV Nart, AOR Beringhs, MT França, B de Espíndola… - Materials Science and …, 2016... M1) were coated using different polymeric dispersions and weight gains, resulting in four coated formulations, named M1-A, M1-B, M1-C and M1-D (Table 3). The coating...