Gain a deeper understanding of your formulation and significantly increase your chances of R&D success 

The Multi Lab Scientific (MLS) is a reimagined all-in-one bench-top mixer, extruder and spheronizer designed to enhance and accelerate your formulation development journey. 

With innovative tool-less technology, automated data capture, recipe management and automatic control, iterative formulation development has never been easier.

Machine Overview

  • 7” touchscreen display* with intuitive user interface
  • Recipe management & automatic control
  • USB microscope imaging
  • Motor load % reporting
  • RPM speed reporting
  • Ambient temperature measurement
  • Process temperature measurement
  • Small batch size from 15 g (bowl and formulation dependent)
  • Standard product configuration:
    • 230v 50/60Hz – Part Number: MLX-2SBXU
    • 110v 50/60Hz – Part Number: MLX-1SBXU
    • Software – MLS1.01

*Suitable for use with gloves




Introducing the Multi Lab Scientific (MLS) 

The Multi Lab Scientific (MLS) revolutionises lab-scale wet mass granulation, extrusion and spheronization with the introduction of digital operation and automatic data capture.

With a digital touchscreen interface, easy to programme recipe management software, microscope imaging and data collection functionality, the new MLS simplifies the user experience whilst providing important data to inform your research and development programmes. 





Digital Recipe Management & Automatic Control 

Digital recipe management software and automatic control sets the new MLS apart.

Experiment recipes can be programmed using the digital touchscreen, or wireless keyboard. The recipe can then be started and the MLS will perform the recipe automatically, while collecting and saving data about the formulation. Experiments can be paused, restarted or abandoned at any point using the on-screen manual override controls.

To maintain data integrity and support GLP requirements, a recipe locks once an experiment has been run against it and cannot be edited. The same experiment can either be re-run exactly for validation purposes, or the recipe can be cloned and edited to improve the outcome.

Manual start/stop operation remains a prominent operational feature with manual RPM increase and decrease functionality. 


Quicker, More Informed Decisions

The new MLS provides onscreen graphs for quick comparison across iterations. It also records experiment data and saves the information to a data file for each experiment.

Data files are easily exported for review, comparison, and analysis providing you with deeper insight into your ideal formulation parameters.


No More Reliance on Handwritten Notes

With recipe management and automatic data recording you can say goodbye to handwritten, timestamped notes. This feature not only saves you time but also ensures the integrity of your data to support GLP requirements within pharmaceutical settings.




Effortless Repeatability 

Achieve reliable repeatability across multiple iterations by re-running experiments with the same parameters making repeatability steps effortless. Validating your formulation couldn't be simpler. Alternatively, existing recipes can be cloned and adjusted to improve the finished formulation. 

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Safety at the Heart of the Design

The single safety guard, hinged for convenience, is fitted with a high-integrity safety device preventing the machine from operating until the guard is properly in place. A simple, quick release mechanism allows the guard to be easily removed for cleaning. 




Innovative, Tool-Less Technology 

Ease of use is central to the MLS design, with all attachments being quick and simple to attach and remove. Locator pins and clever design means that it is impossible to fit the attachments incorrectly, limiting damage from accidental misuse.

Suitable for Use in a Wide Range of Industries

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Chemical Text
Catalyst Text
Education Text
Food Text
Nutraceutical Text



The Smallest Variance is Magnified at Scale 

Lab machines must consistently provide reliable and repeatable results to ensure accurate scale-up programmes. Regular, proactive maintenance and the immediate replacement of worn parts is essential to achieve this - as well as to comply with GLP requirements.

Keep your results accurate and your research on target by purchasing a Caleva Essentials Spares Kit with your new machine. Add-on packs are also available for ongoing maintenance.




The MLS has arrived last week and we have since worked through the user manuals and made the first two batches [of pellets/beads]. Everything works seamlessly and we are looking forward to fully incorporating the MLS into our research over the next weeks. The quality of the first batches was great and we are positively surprised by the ease of use and time saved making the beads.

Tristan Spreng Imperial College London

The equipment has many advances in hardware and also now with software, these are important advantages.

PM France

This is simply amazing... There will be no comparison

HD India