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Dr Steve Robinson

Extrusion & Spheronization Expert

Steve has been with Caleva for almost 20 years. He has helped many customers all around the world.  Why not give him a call?  If you do, you will know that you are in very good hands and you will get a very good appreciation of how your application might work with extrusion and spheronization. Call  +44 (0) 7828 100132 or email




Scott Humphries

Technical Sales Manager

Scott has recent experience of some quite challenging extrusion and spheronization projects where, with some careful thought, success has been possible, even though at the outset it was considered doubtful.  Scott is always keen to visit customer sites to demonstrate how our equipment can help.  Contact Scott directly +44 (0) 7495 527790 or email scott. or see here



Richard Lovell

Sales & Marketing Director

Richard leads the team and is responsible for all our installations in the United States and Canada.  Richard takes the well-known Caleva approach to solving customer's challenges with their materials and has implemented strategy to mean this will continue to evolve and improve.  Call  +44 (0) 7894 150648 or email




Andrea Newton

Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator

Andrea has worked with Caleva for 15 years.  She supports and organizes the team and is responsible for our marketing efforts and wants you to be able to find us so that we can help you!  If you need support of any kind, email Andrea at