About Us

Caleva is a market leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment for wet granulation formulation and coating development.


For over 50 years Caleva Process Solutions have designed and manufactured high quality equipment that have shaped the way our customers understand extrusion and spheronization.

We work in close partnership with our customers from various backgrounds in their developments that surround the need to make pellets and extrudates using the processes of extrusion and spheronization.

If you work in formulation development and are thinking about wet granulation extrusion and spheronization to make pellets (beads, granules, particles) as part of your formulation process, please get in touch with the team at Caleva for advice.


Please talk to us if you would like advice about:

  • R&D development
  • Pilot plant development or full scale production with extrusion and spheronization
  • Planning to develop or manufacture pellets, extrudate or beads
  • Spheronizing any product - we want to help!

In addition to extruders and spheronizers we uniquely offer laboratory equipment such as:

  • Mixer Torque Rheometer -  to optimize formulation development
  • Mini Coater Drier - a small-scale fluid-bed laboratory tablet and spheroid coater/drier capable of coating as little as a single tablet or a few grams of spheroids (pellets), and;
  • Caleva Multi Lab - what we believe is the smallest laboratory high shear granulator available (batch size from 10 to 50g)


Trade Marks:

Spheronization™ was a term originally coined by Caleva Process Solutions and used by Caleva as a Registered Trade Mark. It is still used as a trade mark of Caleva Process Solutions and other uses are prohibited.

"Caleva" is a registered trade mark of Caleva Process Solutions Ltd and its use without permission is prohibited.

"Variable Density Extruder" is used as a trade mark of Caleva Process Solutions Ltd.

The companies “GB Caleva Ltd” and “Caleva International Ltd” have no connection with Caleva Process Solutions Ltd.