Caleva Extrusion and Spheronization System 150 kg per hour

Switch quickly between different materials with this easy to clean CE marked, top quality extrusion and spheronization system.

  • Your cost effective extrusion and spheronization system for production up to 150 kg per hour of pellets
  • Contact us to learn why the Caleva Twin Screw Extruder and Caleva Spheronizer 700 could be your best option
  • Designed for use in a range of industries, such as, pharmaceutical, catalyst, cosmetics, aquaculture, chemical engineering, zeolites, biofuels, petrochemical, agrichemical and food


This system is made up of:

  • Caleva Variable Density Twin Screw Extruder (VD-TSE70), together with
  • The industry leading Caleva Spheronizer 700

Designed for continuous or intermittent production within industrial environments.  An example of reliable and efficient British engineering at its best - this is the option for your pellet production and is backed by the highly acclaimed support from Caleva Process Solutions.

The Caleva system gives you the ability to vary the density of the extrudates or pellets.  This allows you to fine-tune your process to be ideal for your product properties and the intended use of your pellet or extrudate.  This allows you to scale-up from your formulation development with any laboratory benchtop extruder.  If you have not completed your laboratory formulation development, then you might consider the laboratory Variable Density Extruder or the Caleva Multi Lab as the VD-TSE70 is the logical next step in the scale-up pathway.

Twin Screw Variable Density Extruder
This surprisingly compact and efficient extruder has produced in excess of 200 kg of extrudate per hour using axial extrusion.  A range of different die patterns (hole diameter and depth) and shapes (such as clover-leaf and trilobe holes - suitable for industrial materials in the petrochemical and catalyst industries) are available.  Test your product with us and learn why the Caleva Variable Density Production Extruder is your most flexible option.

Caleva Spheronizer 700
Caleva spheronizers have been the industrial production standard for 50 years.  Our Spheronizer 700 is the safest and most advanced currently available.  You can have confidence based on Caleva's experience and focus on the provision of large-scale spheronizers that are in used in production by both large manufacturers and smaller contract manufacturers around the world.


The Caleva VARIABLE DENSITY Twin Screw Extruder
  • The VD-TSE70 was designed to provide excellent results in a wide range of industries for production of variable density extrudate and pellets
  • Designed to withstand a higher axial load than standard to reduce risk of damage in use by operator over a wider range of industries
  • Minimal use of tools for assembly and disassembly for cleaning
  • Hygienic design allowing effective cleaning and sterilisation
  • Cooling jacket included as standard
  • Digital display of product temperature during operation
The Caleva Spheronizer 700
  • The industry standard Caleva 700
  • Air blast technology to enhance efficiency during continuous operation
  • Batch operation with fully automatic discharge
  • Water jacket for heating or cooling of the product
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