Caleva Extrusion and Spheronization System 100 kg per hour

Fast turn-around to different products without delay with this "easy to clean" extrusion and spheronization system.

  • Finish your batches quickly.
  • Fast turnaround with Caleva equipment
  • Easy to clean equipment leading to increased efficiency
  • The best choice for product development, contract manufacture and single product production


With the Caleva 100 kg/hour System you can easily dismantle and clean this equipment to allow you to work with different products using this “easy to clean” system. Do you want to spend more time producing and less time cleaning?

Use reliable equipment with the experience of Caleva, the company that invented and named the process of spheronization*.

The 100 kg/hour system is the professional choice for your flexible contract manufacture and single product production. It allows you to use it in a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, catalyst manufacture, petrochemicals and ceramics working with a range of products using the same system.


Rapid changeover between products
  • Rapid dismantling, cleaning and re-assembly leading to a higher proportion of productive work making more of your time
  • You can work smarter by avoiding long down time for cleaning. Highly integrated systems often require more cleaning
  • Reduce your lead time for your customers
  • Faster lead times will win you more contracts
Small "footprint"
  • Small units that are easy for you to store
  • You can move them easily because they are on lockable wheels
  • Move them out of the way when they are not being used.
Caleva support
  • Talk to us if support from the inventors of Spheronization would be helpful to you?
  • A faster start can lead you to better business.
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