A better way to granulate with your viscous and sticky materials

Our new High Viscosity Mixing Blades, designed for making those sticky, viscous, difficult, granulations much simpler.  Our design team have been working tirelessly to come up with a solution to a constantly asked question. 


Our customers have experienced stuck blades, non-homogeneous granulations and extremely long mixing times, until now. The HVM blades have been designed in conjunction with our customers and now after extensive testing these are available for our Caleva Multi Lab. The two rotating blades at a 1:2 ratio creates mixing pockets to make those difficult materials into successful homogeneous granulations.  

If you are experiencing these same problems, please contact us to explore how this innovation will solve the challenges you wish to solve.

Dr Steve Robinson
By Dr Steve Robinson
9 Nov 2020 in Viscous Materials, Granulation and Mixing

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