How Do You Ensure Consistency During Scale Up?

The Mixer Torque Rheometer's Consistency Test 

To ensure consistency is maintained during scale up and production, the Mixer Torque Rheometer can be used to perform a quick and simple test which monitors the consistency of the wet granulation during the mixing phase. This test can be used whether you are working with continuous or batch production. 

The Mixer Torque Rheometer performs the consistency test by using a small sample of material (generally around 40 g) which is taken from the mixing process. The sample is measured in the Mixer Torque Rheometer's mixing bowl and a simple graph is produced of the torque readings. The result will very quickly indicate if the granulation is consistent with your optimal process parameters. 

The consistency test provides a simple result which allows for an accurate comparison to be made quickly. 

The test is quick to run and it is repeatable.

Time in minutes to reach end point in high shear and planetary mixer

The Mixer Torque Rheometer's Consistency Test is useful for quality control, scale up, and production. It can help to identify production issues before they arise.


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