Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer

“I am particularly keen on how the MTR can enhance reproducibility among formulations. As with all research work, this is crucial for validating. This can be helpful for making many samples from mixing diverse materials easily while still simultaneously analysing some pre-formulation parameters”
Dr Francis Brako |   |  Lecturer |  Chemistry and Drug Delivery
Medway School of Pharmacy

Quantify the characteristics of your formulation

  • Would it help your work to reduce your formulation development time?
  • Do you need to optimize the characteristics of your formulation?
  • Can you confirm that the same product from different suppliers behaves differently in your formulations?
  • Would it be useful to be able to quantify the characteristics of samples taken from your granulator?


The Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer is a valuable research, pre-formulation, and formulation development tool. It can also be used as a production line quality control instrument that will ensure product quality, consistency and useable yield remain high throughout continuous production.

It provides quantitative and reproducible measurements of the rheology of a wet mass.

Suitable for use in a wide range of industries and settings, including pharmaceutical (for tableting and pellet outcomes), food, chemical, and many more. 

The Mixer Torque Rheometer enables you to quickly optimize your formulations by removing the guesswork and providing data about your wet mass.

It also enables you to investigate product and excipient quality issues in a quantitative and meaningful way.

The recorded data is valuable for both formulation development and quality control in production. The data can also be used as part of scale up

The MTR is designed to enable the user to quantify the consistency properties of a wet mass.


Improve your formulation development
  • Increase the speed of your formulation development.
  • Quantify the effect of different excipients and binders to solve formulation problems in less time.
  • Optimize your formulation parameters to compensate for batch variations between excipients.
Information that can be used in scale–up programs
  • Quantitative data about the rheology of you product is available.
  • Use this data in a structured scale up program.
  • Remove uncertainty from your process development.
Production quality control within the granulation process
  • Small batches can be taken from the granulator for assessment.
  • You will need just a minute to have reliable data to give you confidence about your granulation.
  • Testing takes about one minute and give a quantitative result in which you can have confidence.
  • Quality control without production delays.
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