What type of pharmaceutical or catalyst extruder do I need?

All extrusion processes require the generation of pressure within the material to be extruded. When materials are put under pressure heat is generated. This cannot be avoided but different extrusion types generate different amounts of heat. There are basically three different types of extruder and the one chosen may have far reaching implications on production operations. It is important that the right type of extruder is chosen as this is a critical decision that could have long term implications.

Screw driven extruders (with radial or axial output)

Screw driven extruders move the product to the extrusion die head along an axis by the use of a screw thread. The product is worked hard for a significant time, high pressures are generated and this process generates heat. This cannot be avoided and all screw extruders do this. The generation of heat can be useful in some industries such as plastics or food but for pharmaceutical products or any other products that can be damaged by heat this can be a unwanted when high volumes and continuous extrusion are required.

It is possible to add cooling systems to screw driven extruders but these vary in efficiency at keeping the product cool during the process even though they may keep the equipment cool!  It is recommended if you have restrictions on the amount of heat allowed, that any screw driven extruder is carefully considered. It is also advisable to measure the product temperature of the extrudate produced. This is particularly true if you need to extrude product through very small holes. You will need to do this if you need very small pellets because the diameter of the final pellets is largely determined by the diameter of the extrudate.

Basket or screen extruders

There are two main types of mechanisms. One type scrapes the product through the screen and the other type uses rollers that push the product through the screen. The type with the roller action is marginally gentler on the product but both types do generate some heat.  The heat generated in screen extruders is often less that the amount of heat generated with screw driven extruders. Screen extruders are generally suitable for a great number of pharmaceutical formulations and they are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are also the lowest cost extruder to make for any particular required capacity. These are the two main reasons is why they are widely used.


Before any decision is made about which extruder type to choose then the points mentioned above should be given serious consideration. Caleva are leaders in this field and will be happy to talk to you and discuss your application in detail.