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Drug Development- ask Caleva about Clinical Trial Extrusion & Spheronization

Caleva Multi Lab & Bone Regeneration study Medical University Gdańsk

Drug-loaded mesoporous silica/calcium phosphate composites for bone regeneration

Adrian Szewczyk at Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University of Gdańsk has kindly allowed us to introduce this paper that introduces a study of Drug-loaded mesoporous silica/calcium phosphate composites for bone regeneration.  


Meet Caleva at CPHI in Frankfurt


Can power use in granulation predict tablet dissolution & hardness?

The recent research paper from Tomoto Otsuka et al (Chem. Pharm. Bull. 66, 554-561 2018) have shown that high shear granulation processes can influence final product properties such as tablet dissolution and hardness.The question raised by this paper was related to useful methods of evaluating the “kneading state” of a wet mass obtained during the granulation process. The most commonly used...

Caleva Multi Lab at SATC Brazil

The installation and training went extremely well and SATC were very happy with both the installation and training and with the equipment itself. 

Latest Research Paper from University of Karachi

Thanks to Caleva not only for making great equipment but also for being helpful to give us access to it within our budget. I would ALSO like to thank Caleva for the help given in providing the small scale extrusion and spheronization equipment for our laboratory. The latest research paper from our pharmaceutical department (Lipids bearing extruded-spheronized pellets for extended release of...

Caleva in Vietnam - June 2013

Hanoi Medical University – A Caleva Mini Coater Drier is used regularly in this site

A Mixing Trial Using The Caleva Mixer Granulator Blender With Some Difficult Materials

Two different products were tested to help a customer who was finding some difficulty in obtaining homogeneous mixes of small volumes of material that were considered difficult to mix to a homogeneous state in the batch sizes required.PRODUCT 1, TRIAL 1A mix of sugar and salt in the ratio of 2:1A batch of 100 grams of household sugar was weighed and added to the mixing bowl, together with a...

Mini Coater Dryer (air suspension coater) used in formulation development

Tablets were coated with a color overcoat (Aquarius Cool Vanilla BI-1800,Ashland/Aqualon; hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, titanium dioxide, triacetin, polysorbate)using a Caleva air-suspension coater to 2-4% by weight …

Caleva Mixer working in catalyst application for Ethylene and Propylene

Components were mixed with a specialist Caleva mixer to form a homogeneous paste

Mixed solvent system as binder for the production of silicified microcrystalline cellulose‐based pellets

… Then the wet mass was extruded immediately with a radial extruder (Model 20 Extruder, Caleva Ltd, UK) that was fitted with a screen of 150 mm in diameter and 1.0 mm die holes. The extruder screen rotated at 30 rpm. After …

Agglomeration properties of gluten-free flours under water addition and shearing conditions

The different states of agglomeration were identified by the evolution of rheological properties under water addition and shearing conditions using a Caleva® mixer torque rheometer. 

Biomation visit to Caleva

Our long-time friend and partner Mr Moritz Schlotterbeck of BIOMATION Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH visited Caleva yesterday to discuss our work together in the pharma and catalyst fields, and in particular an exciting new opportunity in a development using activated carbon and the processes of extrusion and spheronization.  We also discussed a joint presentation of our variable density...

Caleva Mini Coater Drier Helps to Reintroduce Endangered Native Australian Animals

Many experts recognise Caleva as a leading manufacturer in extrusion and spheronization equipment for the development of pharmaceutical formulations, catalysts and ceramics. However, the broard scope and flexibility of Caleva equipment provides diverse capabilities that is leading to emerging applications in implant manufacture and conservation science. To explain more, we caught up with Dr...


Does the Caleva Mixer/Granulator/Blender allow me to mix and test small batches of product?

We are frequently asked for information about the ability of the small mixer/granulator/blender, a must have tool for any laboratory needing to complete these processes quickly with small sample sizes. Recent trials provide new information about the the capability of the Caleva mixer/granulator/blender (MGB) and its ability to act as a stand alone mixer when mixing powder samples of different...

Mini Coater Drier support at Dai Nam University Vietnam

Mini Coater Drier support at Dai Nam University VietnamHỗ trợ kỹ thuật tại đại học Đại NamThe exclusive Caleva representative in Vietnam (ATI)* recently installed a Caleva Mini Coater Drier (Caleva MCD) in Dai Nam University Pharmaceutical Department (Hanoi – Vietnam). Dr Steve Robinson (Caleva) and with Mr Hung Nguyen (from ATI) recently made a follow-up visit following the installation some...

How can I be sure that the trials and development work that I do will give me comparable results when I need to scale up to production sizes?

Scale up of the spheronization process is relatively well known and understood. All of the Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment is designed with scale up in mind.Our range of screw extruders from have the ability to modify the density of your extrudate when this is important.
  • The smallest Caleva Multi Lab (CML) with an extruder attachment designed to work with batches as little of 20...

New installation at Tupras oil refinery in Turkey


Effect of spheronizer plate design on the spheronization of ketoprofen

Abstract: Spheronization is a rapid process for production of microspheres. The process involves the dry mixing of drug with microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), which on subsequent wetting with water forms a plastic mass suitable for extrusion and spheronization. As in any pharmaceutical operation, large number of factors may affect the production of pellets, which can be related to formulation...

Extrusion–spheronization a promising pelletization technique: In-depth review


This review article deals with various aspects of the extrusion–spheronization technique. The first part includes different steps in the production process of pellets such as granulation, extrusion, spheronization, and drying. In the second part, the parameters which can influence the quality of pellets including formulation (moisture content, granulating liquid, excipients, and...