Formulation development with Caleva

The process of spheronization consists of four key steps:-

  • To optimize and achieve the right binder addition  & mixing time for your formulation
  • Mixing or granulation - a mixer or granulator is required
  • Extrusion - an extruder is required
  • Spheronization - a spheronizer is required
  • Drying and possibly coating - a coater and drier may be required

This is all made simple by the Caleva suite of R&D equipment shown in the section below.

Quantify the characteristics of your formulation

  • Reduce your formulation development time
  • Optimize the characteristics of your formulation?
  • Can you confirm that the same product from different suppliers behaves differently in your formulations?
  • Would it be useful to be able to quantify the characteristics of samples taken from your granulator?


Mixer Torque Rheometer


A granulator/mixer, extruder and spheronizer in a single unit

  • You save benchtop space, time and valuable product
  • Use a 10 g to 50 g batch size in your "full size" research tool
  • From powder to pellets in 30 minutes
  • An optional mixing bowl and blade set is available if you need to mix high viscosity material



Caleva Multi Lab


Quickly coat or dry a few tablets, capsules or pellets

  • From a single tablet up to about 150 tablets
  • From a few grams to about 60 grams of small pellets 
  • From a single capsule to a "small handful" of pellets
  • You can reduce the amounts of ingredients used whilst still producing meaningful results



Mini Coater Dryer


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28 Apr 2021 in Formulation Development

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