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Are you interested in one of our products and would like to see it in action?

We provide free R&D system demonstrations live online via video conference wherever you are in the world.

Scott Humphries or Steve Mate (or both) will explain and demonstrate advanced equipment features and allow you to see the processes that you'd like to see and that are relevant to your work. It will be an ideal time to discuss any challenges you may face and how bespoke options may help you.  

All you need is an internet connection and a little free time.

We can also record the live demonstration - with your consent - and send it to you afterwards so that you can share it with other members of your team. Refer to it whenever you need to for all the stages of your decision making process.

See a short example (below) from a recent demonstration of the Mixer Torque Rheometer and Mini Coater Drier - if viewing on a mobile or tablet, rotate your device to get an enhanced view.

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Gain a real appreciation of how small the Caleva Multi Lab really is


See how small the footprint is for yourself, slightly larger than an A3 sized piece of paper - see that in context and consider that you have 3 different processes on a single base unit.


See how quick and easy it is to set up the Multi Lab and switch between processes


View the simple twist and release mechanisms of the attachments and appreciate how easy it is to switch between the different processes - and why it's possible to go from powder to pellets in about 15 minutes!


View a real time "End Point" determination of your liquid binder


See the graphed results of where the end point is determined for the materials being used in the Mixer Torque Rheometer


See how to setup the Caleva Mini Coater Drier


Coating pellets or tablets?  How to set up the equipment to coat from a single tablet or a few grams of pellets.


Consider Variable Density


See the different options available that will enable you to vary the density of your final product


Special shaped extrudate for catalysts


Look at the trilobe and quadrilobe dies available and see the resultant extrudate with increased surface area up close.



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Andrea Newton
By Andrea Newton
15 Mar 2021 in Mixer Torque Rheometer, Formulation Development

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