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How do I decide which laboratory extruder and spheronizer I need?

We are often asked for advice by researchers and teachers who want to acquire laboratory equipment for the development of both formulations and processes using the techniques of Extrusion and Spheronization in the laboratory.  All users are individual and have different requirements and there is not a single system that will fit all needs.

Find out what you need to consider.


A visitor to Caleva uses innovative Caleva technology to help investigations into the control of leaf cutting ants in Costa Rica

Ms Catherine Jimenez from the Laboratorio do Biotechnologia, Universidad de Costa Rica is working in collaboration with a company to produce a novel ant bait for use against a major agricultural pest.

The requirements for the study was to have available a laboratory extruder that would be able to produce extrudate not only of different diameters but also of different densities. Using a...

How can I be sure that the trials and development work that I do will give me comparable results when I need to scale up to production sizes?

Scale up of the spheronization process is relatively well known and understood. All of the Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment is designed with scale up in mind.Our range of screw extruders have the ability to modify the density of your extrudate when this is important.
  • The smallest extruder we offer is the Caleva Multi Lab (CML) with an extruder attachment designed to work with...

Caleva installation at Bidiphar Vietnam

 Pharmaceutical - Medical Equipment Binh Dinh (Bidiphar) Joint Stock Company commented: Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Ly (researcher) and Steve Robinson and engineers of ATI., JSC Vietnam (Mr. Nguyen nhu Hung and Mr. Nguyen kim Long) have worked together on the system from Caleva: Variable Density Extruder (VDE) and Spheronizer 250 for the project of making diltiazem pellets. Initially, we have...

Ache (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Acquire a new Extruder and Spheronizer from Caleva

Ache (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Acquire a new Extruder and Spheronizer from Caleva

Universite de Strasbourg - Variable Density Extruder

Caleva recently completed the installation of a newly improved pressing cam for the Variable Density Extruder at the prestigious Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universite de Strasbourg.  Due to the efforts of the engineering team at Caleva, they have once again developed an improvement to their high performance radial extrusion cam.  Head of Engineering, Mr John Baker, says, “The new pressing cam...

University of Strasbourg acquire Caleva Extruder and Spheronizer for Research and Teaching

Professor Thierry Vandamme, Vice-Dean in charge of Research at the University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Pharmacy with the new Variable Density Extruder and Multi Bowl Spheronizer for laboratory development that they have recently acquired from Caleva Process Solutions. The equipment was installed by Caleva technical staff.  Postgraduate students and other staff members were trained during the...