Can I modify the density of extrudate produced during extrusion?

During the formulation development process, challenges related to final product performance have to be examined, exposed and overcome.

This is not always easy or straight-forward. However, if you have more options that you can investigate then there is likely to be an increased probability of a successful result.   Different factors are considered as part of any formulation development and these are as varied as the different formulation methods and equipment used. In practise not all options can be tried and selections will be made.

Can I extrude product with different densities as a routine part of product formulation development trials?  



Some of the key factors in any program to reach an optimum formulation would be combinations of:
  • Physical and chemical properties of the active materials as well as its availability and cost
  • The results required (costs, ease of scale up, final product properties and performance)
  • Your equipment and it's capabilities
  • The development time available (and therefore the number of trial iterations that can be completed)


The Caleva Multi Lab is designed with these concepts in mind and uniquely offers benefits to researchers that respond to the challenges listed above.












Is your product scarce or expensive?

Are you developing new formulations with limited amounts of product?

The Caleva CML offers you the ability to work with small samples (around 50 g wet weight or less)


Is your time for trial work limited?

Do you need results as quickly as possible to complete more trial iterations in a working day?

See how the CML offers the fastest trial throughput available enabling a significant increase in productivity


Extruding at different densities

Do you know if extruding your product at different pressures will result in the final product having different physical properties?

Find out by looking at what the CML offers.



Dr Steve Robinson
By Dr Steve Robinson
29 Oct 2020 in Variable Density Extrusion

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Can I modify the density of extrudate produced during extrusion?

During the formulation development process, challenges related to final product performance have to be examined, exposed and overcome. This is not always easy or straight-forward. However, if you have more options that you can investigate then there is likely to be an increased probability of a succ... Read More

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