How can I be sure that the trials and development work that I do will give me comparable results when I need to scale up to production sizes?

Scale up of the spheronization process is relatively well known and understood. All of the Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment is designed with scale up in mind.

Our range of screw extruders have the ability to modify the density of your extrudate when this is important.

Products developed on Caleva extruders can be supplied with die configurations across the range of extruders available. The very small dies in the CML have a maximum hole diameter of 3.0 mm and this size can be provided for use on the larger extruders which increases the options available. The range of die depths in the smaller machines can also be exactly simulated in the larger extruders as scale up moves forward.

Scale up of the spheronization process is most strongly influenced by the speed of the outer edge of the spheronization disc. The batch size used and the design on the top surface of the disc can have an influence, but this is small compared to the disc tip speed (not rpm) and the qualities of the formulation.
Scale up of spheronization is available in the scientific literature that may be found here





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