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How can I be sure that the trials and development work that I do will give me comparable results when I need to scale up to production sizes?

Scale up of the spheronization process is relatively well known and understood. All of the Caleva extrusion and spheronization equipment is designed with scale up in mind.Our range of screw extruders have the ability to modify the density of your extrudate when this is important.
  • The smallest extruder we offer is the Caleva Multi Lab (CML) with an extruder attachment designed to work with...

Do you have heat generation and associated issues with your Extrusion process?

When talking with customers who manage production scale extrusion, I am often asked to comment on the amount of heat generated and the issues that this can cause. In reality, heat generation is just something that we have to live with as all extrusion processing will generate heat. The amount of heat generated will vary depending on:

  • The formulation of the product
  • The rate of extrusion
  • The...