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How do I coat tablets or pellets with the Caleva Mini Coater Drier

The Mini Coater Drier (MCD) is an incredibly useful piece of equipment when it comes to coating and drying small batches of tablets or pellets. For a demonstration of the MCD in use, you can watch the video on this page, or for some quick pieces of information on the MCD, check the bullet points below.

  • From a single tablet up to about 150 tablets
  • From a few grams to about 60 grams of small...

The Caleva Family of Laboratory Equipment

Whilst you may have heard of Caleva and any one of its flagship pieces of equipment, we'd like to introduce you to the family of Caleva laboratory equipment that you may find helpful for your application in your industry sector.  Choose one process or choose all of them.  Select further functions as you need them.  This adaptable and future proof suite of equipment will allow you to obtain...

Coating of very small capsules with the Caleva Mini Coater Drier

The Caleva small tablet and pellet coater is well known for the coating and drying of very small batches of pellets and tablets. It is the only commercially available equipment for this task. It will coat from a single tablet or a few grams of pharmaceutical (or related) pellets. The process was developed for pharmaceutical pellet applications, but is also suitable for other applications (such...

Caleva in Vietnam Hanoi Medical University

Hanoi Medical University – A Caleva Mini Coater Drier is used regularly in this site.  A visit to Vietnam is always a pleasure.  A chance was taken to see a few old customers and to see how the Caleva equipment installed in the various Universities and Pharmaceutical factories are performing.  It was admissions week at the various schools of pharmacy in and around Hanoi and so many of our...

Mini Coater Dryer (air suspension coater) used in formulation development

Tablets were coated with a color overcoat (Aquarius Cool Vanilla BI-1800,Ashland/Aqualon; hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, titanium dioxide, triacetin, polysorbate)using a Caleva air-suspension coater to 2-4% by weight …

Caleva Mini Coater Drier Helps to Reintroduce Endangered Native Australian Animals

Many experts recognise Caleva as a leading manufacturer in extrusion and spheronization equipment for the development of pharmaceutical formulations, catalysts and ceramics. However, the broard scope and flexibility of Caleva equipment provides diverse capabilities that is leading to emerging applications in implant manufacture and conservation science. To explain more, we caught up with Dr...

Mini Coater Drier support at Dai Nam University Vietnam

Mini Coater Drier support at Dai Nam University VietnamHỗ trợ kỹ thuật tại đại học Đại NamThe exclusive Caleva representative in Vietnam (ATI)* recently installed a Caleva Mini Coater Drier (Caleva MCD) in Dai Nam University Pharmaceutical Department (Hanoi – Vietnam). Dr Steve Robinson (Caleva) and with Mr Hung Nguyen (from ATI) recently made a follow-up visit following the installation some...

Caleva visits staff from Pharmacy Department Can Tho University, Vietnam

Mr Nguyen Hung makes a routine follow-up visit to the University of Can Tho. He discusses the use of the Caleva MCD-2 with Ms Tuyen who teaches at the University and has special responsibility for all the technical equipment within the faculty.

Carnauba wax as a promising excipient in melt granulation targeting the preparation of mini-tablets for sustained release of highly soluble drugs

Carnauba wax as a promising excipient in melt granulation targeting the preparation of mini-tablets for sustained release of highly soluble drugsV Nart, AOR Beringhs, MT França, B de Espíndola… - Materials Science and …, 2016... M1) were coated using different polymeric dispersions and weight gains, resulting in four coated formulations, named M1-A, M1-B, M1-C and M1-D (Table 3). The coating...

Pharmacy Students from University of Reading visit Caleva’s Laboratory

We were delighted to welcome Akhil and Mohammed to our laboratory in the UK for training on our laboratory equipment. They both worked with the Mini Coater Drier and Mixer Torque Rheometer as well as the Caleva Multi Lab. It was an enjoyable day for all and we appreciate their visit and they are welcome to visit us again in the future. Indeed, if any pharmacy student would like to come and...

University of Reading

Caleva are very happy to report that the extrusion and spheronization (and tablet coating) equipment installed at the University of Reading by Dr Steve Robinson is proving to be a great success. Associate Professor, Dr Alex Edwards, confirms

Visit Caleva at the CRS Conference - 2015 July 26-29

This year is the 42nd annual CRS conference and exposition. It showcases technology, products, and services for the pharmaceutical industry from organisations around the world. The 2015 Annual Meeting this year is in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the EICC.

Increasing confidence shown by Caleva customers in Vietnam

Caleva have recently delivered and installed a Caleva Mini Mixer (now replaced by the much improved new Caleva Multi Lab and an additional Caleva Mini Coater Drier.

University of Sussex - School of Life Sciences

Caleva were recently approached by members of the pharmaceutical department from the University of Sussex and asked for assistance on how best to demonstrate to their students the theories and practices of pharmaceutical pellet production.

New Mini Coater Drier for University of Sharjah


2nd APGI Coating Workshop in Lille France

Caleva would like to thank all the visitors who attended their stand at the 2nd APGI Coating Workshop in Lille, France on 17th April.  David Ryan from Caleva Process Solutions, accompanied by Mr Hamid Darkaoui from Keyser & Mackay, took the opportunity to demonstrate the Mini Coater Drier. The MCD can coat from one to 130 tablets – a world’s first – thus significantly cutting required...

The University College of London, School of Pharmacy visits Caleva

Dr Hamid Merchant from UCL School of Pharmacy (one of the UK’s leading centres of pharmacy education and research) recently visited the Caleva facility at Sturminster Newton in Dorset (UK).

New Caleva Mini Coater Drier 2 installed at Hanoi University of Pharmacy

A new Caleva Mini Coater Drier has been delivered and installed in the laboratory of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Ha Noi University of Pharmacy,13-15 Lê Thánh Tông, Hoàn Kim, Hà Noi,Vietnam (Vin Công ngh Duc phm Quc gia - Trung ÐH Duc Hà Ni).

Caleva actively particpates in a Colorcon Coating School

Colorcon is a world leader in pharmaceutical product development and offers regular “coating schools” for serious professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.  The schools  are normally three days in duration and  typically include information about the basics of film coating technology and offer the participants a chance for hands on experience with both production and laboratory equipment.