The Caleva Family of Laboratory Equipment

Whilst you may have heard of Caleva and any one of its flagship pieces of equipment, we'd like to introduce you to the family of Caleva laboratory equipment that you may find helpful for your application in your industry sector.  Choose one process or choose all of them.  Select further functions as you need them.  This adaptable and future proof suite of equipment will allow you to obtain proof of concept by using the following functions:

  • Mix - Efficiently mix small batches (12 g to about 100 g) (MGB, CML)
  • Blend - Quickly blend powders or gels (from 12 ml to about 100 ml) (MGB, CML)
  • Granulate - Granulation of small batches of powders with liquid binder (12 g to 100 g) (MGB, CML)
  • Extrude - Extrude at different density and determine if this benefits your process (CML, VDE)
  • Spheronize - Spheronize from small batches of 15 g to 1.5 kg  (CML, MBS)
  • Coat tablets - Coat from a single tablet to about 150 tablets (MCD)
  • Coat pellets - Coat a few grams of pellets up to about 60 g batches (MCD)

With the Mixer Torque Rheometer, complement and enhance your work using the above processes by teaming up with the unique MTR from Caleva:

    • Characterize & quantify the properties of your wet mass
    • Optimize powder/binder ratio in a fraction of the time
    • Determine your all-important optimum mix time
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