What is the smallest particle that I can coat in the Mini Coater Dryer

The Caleva MCD was originally designed for coating of very small batches of tablets. The original Mini Coater Drier was very efficient at this. However, as a response to several user comments and requests a new version was designed to allow users to also coat small samples of pellets over a range of industries.  The original improved design specification that users were requesting was that batches of a few grams of particles as small as 600 microns would be possible to coat effectively. With the release of the current MCD the recommendation was that pellets with a size down to 600 microns could effectively be coated and this remains our formal recommendation for the minimum particle size.

Coating very small particles 350 micron with the Mini Coater Drier

However, we have experience with a customer recently who wished to coat pellets with a diameter of 350 microns. Our recommendation remains at 600 microns but this particular user had training at our site and then rented the MCD in his own lab for a period of two weeks.  The training he received, together with a slight modification in his own operating procedure allowed him to effectively coat particles as small as 350 microns in diameter.  If such an application (coating particles with 350 microns diameter) would be useful to you then please discuss your requirement with us and let’s see if together we can find a solution for you too.

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Dr Steve Robinson
By Dr Steve Robinson
6 Nov 2020 in Tablet & Pellet Coating

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