Coating of very small capsules with the Caleva Mini Coater Drier

 A small batch of size 9 capsules coated with the Caleva tablet and pellet coater

The Caleva small tablet and pellet coater is well known for the coating and drying of very small batches of pellets and tablets. It is the only commercially available equipment for this task. It will coat from a single tablet or a few grams of pharmaceutical (or related) pellets. The process was developed for pharmaceutical pellet applications, but is also suitable for other applications (such as catalysts or ceramics) where small batches of small items need to be coated evenly and effectively.

It has been known for a long time that larger capsules containing pellets with active pharmaceutical materials can be effectively coated. Until now, the coating of small batches of very small pellets (size 9 or size M) has been a difficult, labour insensitive and time consuming process. Recent trials with the Caleva tablet and pellet coater have clearly demonstrated that very small batches of these very small (size 9 and size M capsules) can effectively be coated with this apparatus. The photographs show the results from the very first preliminary trials and the effectiveness of this process demonstrated how easy and robust the coating process is. These small capsules were coated without any issues.

A batch of 25 size M capsules beautifully coated with the Caleva Mini Coater Drier

To get more information on this development, or if you are currently struggling with the coating of small batches of large or small pharmaceutical pellets for trial or development work then then please contact Caleva.


By Andrea Newton
24 Feb 2020 in Tablet & Pellet Coating

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