Mixing and granulating small batches

The Caleva Multi-Lab (CML) is capable of performing 3 different processes: Mixing, Extrusion and Spheronization.

This article is about the mixing and granulation phase of the process.

The multi-lab works with a large range of materials from pharmaceutical materials and catalysts, to agricultural products.

The granulator/mixer

The mixer attachment blades thoroughly mix the liquid binder with the product and granulate the mixture efficiently as seen in the video below. 6 coloured formulations were mixed and granulated using the Multi-Lab's mixing attachment. In the video below, you can see the coloured liquid binder become homogeneous with the powder in a short space of time.

Benefits of the Mixer/granulator:

  • Can process small batches for expensive/scarce materials.
  • 2 inter-meshing counter rotating blades create a very high shear on the mixture.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, making cleaning quick to allow for fast turn around.
  • Different blade options are available to work with more difficult/viscous materials.
  • Mixes the material efficiently to make it fully homogeneous in a short time.

















For more information on the Caleva Multi lab, visit the CML Page, MGB Page or talk to us directly via the Contact Us page.


By Tom Lipop
8 Sep 2020 in Granulation and Mixing, Formulation Development

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