Find out more about the formulation of catalyst materials such as Zeolite and Bentonite?

Caleva is always willing to help our potential users and may offer to help run trials so that we can show that an installation of one of our laboratory machines (and later production machines) would be the right decision for you.

Below is a typical example of a Catalyst trial taken from Dr Steve Robinson's notes.

Some interesting results with Zeolite and Bentonite.
After several failures (Zeolite alone) we made a formulation that worked really well.

The good one was:-
Zeolite 14g + Bentonite 14g + 5ml of water and mixed aggressively for 5 mins (Mixer rpm~80)
After 5 mins an additional 2ml of water added and mixed aggressively for an additional 2 mins.
Material went dark and became very hard.  The mixer was stopped to prevent damage (the mix was very hard!!!).

The resultant material looked impossible to extrude but when placed in the extruder it went easily through a 1mm die.

Caleva variable density extruder making extrudate from bentonite.

It was spheronized at 2800 rpm for 5 min and then at 1700 for an additional 2 min.
The results were great!!!!!

The same trial was run with a 3mm die. It went pretty much the same but the spheronization was not as good and it was concluded that a larger sample was needed in the spheronizer (two loads at a time) so that the beads would collide more frequently.

The dried pellets stayed together well and were quite resistant to crushing.

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