Trilobe and quadrilobe extruder dies with catalyst adsorption

Can trilobe and quadrilobe extruder dies provide benefits when working with catalysts or products for gas adsorption?

Bench-top laboratory extruders working with small amounts of product play a useful role in the production of extrudate for applications aimed at the study and development of products used for catalysis or gas adsorption. Small units can be particularly useful where product is costly, difficult to make or scarce, where the preference is to work with small amounts of material or when trials need to be completed in the least possible time.

 We are often asked four questions by researchers about our small benchtop extruder that is an attachment for the Caleva Multi Lab (CML) base unit. These are:



 Some guidance to these questions is provided in the links above

By Dr Steve Robinson
29 Oct 2020 in Catalyst Materials

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