My tablets are rather large. Will I be able to coat them in the Caleva Mini Coater Drier?

Our general tablet coater literature describes the coating capability of a tablet size of up to 10 mm.  However, this refers to a diameter rather than a capsule style design in length.  The Mini Coater Drier is incredibly versatile and really the limiting factor is generally a weight issue as opposed to size.  It’s important to consider weight/batch size to ensure a good coating motion within the coating apparatus. Please see the image below from a previous trial, where we have coated elongated capsules of 25 mm in length.  We were using 15-20 capsules per batch.


Coating of elongated capsule 25mm in Caleva coater drier


At the other end of the scale we talk about the smallest size that can normally be coated as something >600 microns.  However we have had one customer who has successfully coated particles with a size of 350 microns.


If you have a large or very small particle that requires coating then the best thing would be to run some trials with your product.  Contact us and arrange to visit our laboratory and work with us for a day to investigate further.


Coating very small capsules article

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