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caleva-steve-mate-contactSteve Mate


Contact number: +44 01258 47 11 22


Scott-Humphries-CircleScott Humphries


Contact number: +44 01258 47 11 22


Talk to us about your development projects regarding granulation, extrusion, spheronization, pellets and tableting formulation development.

  • Increase the density of your extrudate - a unique offering from Caleva
  • Mix small quantities of viscous material - read a case study here
  • Our equipment is designed for pharmaceutical, catalyst, cosmetics, aquaculture, zeolites, biofuels, petrochemical, agrochemical and food industries.
  • Struggling with a low product yield? Speak to us about how we could increase your usable yield. An example can be found here.
Tom Lipop
By Tom Lipop
7 Oct 2020 in Exhibitions/Shows

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