Do all extruders and spheronizers have the same level of performance - will a model with lower quality cost more in the longer term?

Process yields (the % of the spheroids produced in any batch that are within the size range required) will never be 100%.

It is possible to achieve yields of greater than 98% if the formulation, the process parameters and the equipment used are optimised. 

Formulation and process parameters are outside the control of Caleva but the quality of the equipment used is our direct responsibility and concern. 

For example, consider the design and manufacture of the pattern on the disc in the spheronizer.

A 1% or 2% lower yield in each batch could cause a significant loss of income over the life-time of a product.   (You may also like to consider using our specially designed yield calculator here

To obtain the highest possible yield the equipment used should be manufactured with tolerances that are as tight as possible. 

An example of how equipment can vary between manufacturers is shown in the pictures of the discs show below. 

One is from a competitor and one from Caleva!

Uneven, poor quality disc cut pattern not from Caleva ...

  • Detail of the disc pattern cut from a disc from a lower cost manufacturer.
  • Uneven pattern suggests an uneven spheronization action on the extrudate leading to higher variability in the spheroids.
  • Leading to less usable yield throughout the lifetime of the product.

Even, high quality disc cut pattern from Caleva ...

  • Detail of the disc pattern cut from a disc from Caleva 
  • A completely even pattern suggests an even spheronization action on the extrudate leading to lower variability in the spheroids. 
  • Leading to more usable yield throughout the lifetime of the product.

Consider the total cost over the full life-cycle of a product!  For example, if you use a spheronizer to produce a product over a 10 year period and the product has a value of £4.00 a kilo (a low value product) and you are making a quantity of 50 kg per hour over a 6 hour working day 5 days a week for about 40 weeks per year. A reduced usable yield of only 4% (not much really!!) would mean a loss of about almost £1,000,000.

The purchase of the best quality pelleting equipment from Caleva should make you more money in the long run.

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