Extrusion of catalyst and petrochemical materials


A New Opportunity in laboratory extrusion with catalyst material

We have recently had some considerable success with one of our customers working with the extrusion of small quantities of catalytic material.

  • The customer required an extruder that would be able to work with batches as little as 10 to 15 grams of material through an approximate 1 mm die but wished to increase the surface area of the resulting dried extrudate.
  • Working in conjunction with our designers and technical support team some options were investigated and the best being the use of “clover leaf” (or tri-lobe holes) in the extruder die.
  • If this sort of technology would be useful to you or if you have other ideas that you want to explore with us then why not contact us for a focussed discussion and see how we will help you.


Our new High Viscosity Mixing Blades, designed for making those sticky, viscous, difficult, granulations much simpler.


Our design team have been working tirelessly to come up with a solution to a constantly asked question. 

  • Is there a better way to granulate with our viscous materials?

Our clients have been experiencing, stuck blades, inhomogeneous granulations and extremely long mixing times, until now. The HVM blades have been designed in conjunction with our customers and now after extensive testing are available for our Caleva Muti Lab. The two rotating blades at a 1:2 ratio creates mixing pockets to make those difficult materials into successful homogeneous granulations.  

If you are experiencing these same problems, please get in contact with us to explore how this innovation will solve the challenges you wish to solve.

Caleva new high viscosity blades

Small batch extrudate

Consider the unique Caleva Multi Lab - mix, extrude and spheronize on one bench top unit.  For larger batch sizes talk to Caleva about the Variable Density Extruder.

Up to 210 kg per hour

For scale up to large quantities of extrudate up to 210 kilos per hour, consider our newest Twin Screw Extruder.  This is a neat, compact machine - as far as we are aware, not manufactured anywhere else.  This is the most productive throughput available on such a small footprint.