Caleva Supports the 10th International Granulation Workshop

Professor Csaba Sinka demonstrates extrusion and spheronization with the Multi Bowl Spheronization Kit

Billed as a showcase of the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology, the International Granulation Workshop, hosted by The University of Sheffield, consisted of a two-day hands-on granulation course, followed by a three-day conference, attracting a worldwide audience from both industry and universities worldwide.

Caleva’s Tom Lipop was fortunate to attend the two-day granulation course at the beginning of the week, along with two Caleva bench-top machines, to support the demonstrations conducted by Professor Csaba Sinka, Professor in Mechanics of Materials at Leicester University

Caleva Bench-Top Machines Used for Demonstrations

The Caleva Multi Bowl Spheronization Kit consisting of an Extruder 20 (E20) screen extruder and the Multi Bowl Spheronizer (MBS) was loaned to the university to allow granulation expert Professor Sinka to conduct two days of extrusion and spheronization demonstrations.

Read on for a first-hand account of Tom’s experiences at the Granulation Course.


A First-Hand Account of the Granulation Course, 19th-21st June 2023

On behalf of Caleva, I was pleased to attend the two-day Granulation Course at Sheffield University's Sir Robert Hadfield Building to assist Professor Csaba Sinka in his demonstrations of extrusion and spheronization.

Professor Sinka led back-to-back workshops for the attendees using the Extruder 20 (E20) and Multi Bowl Spheronizer (MBS) which allowed him to provide practical demonstrations of the extrusion and spheronization process.



Preparing Batches for Success and Failure

In advance of the workshops, twelve batches of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) were mixed with different concentrations of liquid binder (which for the purposes of our planned demonstrations was deionised water).

Professor Sinka deliberately made some batches too dry, some too wet, and some that would extrude and spheronize perfectly. The aim was to show the attendees what to look for in their own formulations and the contributing factors which make the difference between a successful, and unsuccessful result.



Hands-On Demonstrations

We provided demonstrations for all six groups in attendance over the busy, two-day course. Each group got to choose two of the premixed formulations to see which ratio of powder to binder would result in the best finished product.



Theory Brought to Life

Professor Sinka’s presentations were very well received, with attendees keen to get hand-on experience with the E20 and MBS. The sessions were highly educational while the practical elements really brought the theory to life in an easy to understand, yet memorable format.

With each group engaged in the processes we received a lot of questions surrounding both extrusion and spheronization, such as:

  • How does the pattern of the spheronization disc affect the final spheroid?
  • Why and when would you choose to extrude and spheronize? What are the benefits?
  • Since extrusion generates heat, what methods can be used to reduce the risk of overheating sensitive materials?

If you would like to know the answer to any of these questions, or have some of your own, please send us a message using our online chat or contact form.

Alternatively, search for Caleva on Google Scholar to discover over 1300 published papers featuring our equipment.

Key Takeaways

Attending the Granulation Course provided some fascinating insights into the current challenges facing the granulation community. I was able to learn from, and speak to, some incredible minds in the industry. Seeing each group of attendees on the Caleva workshop so excited and passionate about the processes I get to work with everyday gave me a huge sense of pride.

Having the opportunity to assist Professor Sinka present these processes using Caleva equipment was a delight and I look forward to attending the 11th Granulation workshop in 2025.


Further Questions?

If you have any questions about the Extruder 20 or the Multi Bowl Spheronizer, or if you would like to experience an online demonstration of any of Caleva’s lab machine for extrusion and spheronization, please get in touch with us.

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