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Caleva builds strong bonds with our international distribution partners to ensure seamless customer service all over the world.  

Earlier this year, International Sales Manager, Steve Mate, travelled to Asia to meet with some of Caleva’s distribution partners face-to-face.  

As a manufacturing company that exports globally, Caleva works with a trusted network of international distribution partners, to provide local support and advice to Caleva customers no matter where in the world they are.

We understand how important it is for our customers to have reliable, in-country support, especially when they are located thousands of miles away from our UK-based sales office.

Building and maintaining these relationships is important to us, and with international travel having been put on hold for a few years, Steve’s business trip was even more important. This was the first time he had been able to meet some of his Asian partners in person.


Despite a delayed flight and missing luggage, the trip was a resounding success with meetings taking place in Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Not only did Steve meet with Caleva distribution partners, but he also met with some new and existing Caleva customers. Steve was even lucky enough to visit several laboratories that utilise Caleva equipment, providing significant insights into the many diverse industries and applications using Caleva lab equipment.

Used in tandem, the Caleva Multi Lab and Mixer Torque Rheometer make a powerful addition to your research and development suite. Scientists globally are using these compact benchtop machines in a variety of different industries, from pharmaceuticals and food to battery research and crude (pig) iron manufacture.


For more information on Caleva's international distribution partners, and to discover who represents Caleva in your country, please visit our Caleva Worldwide webpage.


Dawn Philips
By Dawn Philips
18 Apr 2023 in Company news, Caleva Worldwide

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