Mix, Extrude & Spheronize in a single base - watch a video

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The Caleva Multi-Lab (CML) is often considered to be the flagship of Caleva lab equipment.

Being able to perform 3 different processes rapidly in one machine with a footprint just slightly larger than an A3 piece of paper, makes the CML a welcome addition to any lab space that works in the processes of Mixing/granulating, extruding and/or Spheronizing.


  • Small and compact on the bench top
  • Equal batch sizes for all three processes
  • Attachments can be purchased separately according to current need
  • Small batches for scarce or expensive materials
  • Easier to purchase than three separate units - 3 times more cost effective!
  • Toolless operation and easy to manage attachments make it easy and quick to clean
  • Efficient operation leading to fast turnaround and higher productivity
  • Reliable and robust system with practical easy-to-use controls


The granulator/mixer

The mixer attachment contains 2 inter-meshing counter rotating blades, which create a very high shear on the mixture. The blades thoroughly mix the liquid binder with the product and granulate the mixture efficiently. (Learn more)


The Extruder

The extruder comes with 2 separate interchangeable screws. This allows you to experiment with each screw to find which one works most efficiently with your product. The attachment also comes with 2 dies, a high density die and a standard density die.


The Spheronizer

The spheronizer can process anywhere from 10 up to 100 g (wet weight) of product. With a large range of spheronization discs available and the ability to select the speed (rpm) of the spheronizer, you are able to get an idea of how your product may look when you scale up to production.


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By Andrea Newton
3 Sep 2020 in Formulation Development

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