Spheronized Pellets | Extended Release | Poorly Soluble Antiemetic Agent

Thanks to Caleva not only for making great equipment but also for being helpful to give us access to it within our budget. I would ALSO like to thank Caleva for the help given in providing the small scale extrusion and spheronization equipment for our laboratory. The latest research paper from our pharmaceutical department (Lipids bearing extruded-spheronized pellets for extended release of poorly soluble antiemetic agent—Meclizine HCl) can be seen from this link

Have a look if you have the chance apart from the scientific work it shows some pictures of the nice pellets that we regularly are able to produce using the small and versatile Caleva bench top Extruder and Spheronizer.

Professor Muhammad Harris Shoaib
B.Pharm, M.Phil, Ph.D
Department of Pharmaceutics Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Karachi

Caleva lab equipment Faculty of Pharmacy University of Karachi

Professor Muhammad Harris Shoaib
By Professor Muhammad Harris Shoaib
19 Jul 2018 in Research papers

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