Caleva Caleva Multi Lab for Teaching

Batch sizes to 10g to 100g for teaching and research

  • Imagine a granulator, extruder and spheronizer all in a single unit
  • You will save benchtop space, time and your costly product
  • Use from 10g up to a 100 g batch size for your teaching and research
  • From powder to pellets in under 30 minutes on the benchtop
  • Use batches from 10g up to 100g whilst saving your bench space and offering you a high level of flexibility for your student groups
  • Are you using highly viscous material?
    Ask about our high viscosity mixing attachment


Is your best granulator, extruder & spheronizeron a single base unit?

A single benchtop unit offering you advantages for university teaching that is cost-effective to purchase, easy and safe to use and is robust in the hands of student users.

Offers the best use of your benchtop space. You will have a safer and more efficient work environment. “Tool-Less Technology” reduces cleaning time and increases interaction of your students.

Suitable for a wide range of material, from easily mixed pharmaceutical formulations to less easy to mix catalyst and inorganic mixes for the petrochemical industry.

Caleva offer equipment and development support for full-scale production as well as bench-top equipment for formulation development and trial work. All of our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast, and trouble free, scale-up to production.  


Do you want to introduce pellet research and production in your university courses?
  • You can cost-effectively demonstrate pellet formulation development to your students for a wide range of materials
  • Represents a sound use of your available funds
  • Offer your students a demonstration of pellet manufacturing processes and allow them to do trials
Can be used by individuals or by groups
  • Offers you a coherent approach to the processes involved in pellet development and production.
  • Works with small batches and can do many trials quickly. Let all your students take part for a better experience.
  • Allow your student groups to test the relationship between formulations and processes
You can demonstrate an industrial application in a learning environment
  • Your students will work with similar batch sizes.
  • They will not waste rare or expensive product.
  • Ideal to allow you to offer CRO services to industrial partners

Customers from pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, materials science and petrochemical departments have already found this equipment useful.