Caleva Caleva Multi Lab

Efficiently mix small batches of high viscosity or sticky material

  • The Caleva designed miniature Sigma blades have been developed specifically for petrochemical, catalyst and other industries working with inorganic materials
  • More effective mixing where the amount of liquid binder used in the formulation is critical to the production of a product with properties that will allow it to be extruded
  • Designed to work with, and complement, the existing small batch sizes used in the CML Extruder and Spheronizer combination
  • Broaden the range of products that you can effectively use in the Caleva Multi Lab.


The high viscosity mixer option forms a new part of the Caleva Multi Lab.  It has been specifically designed as a response to customer feedback where users were trying to mix the inorganic products that are widely used in petrochemical, catalyst and inorganic chemistry research and development.

The new development of the Caleva High Viscosity Blades (an improved sigma blade) opens up a new opportunity for powder mixing and chemical mixing that was not previously available. The feedback from users working with these types of materials has been excellent.

If you need to mix small quantities of inorganic chemicals on the bench top, especially where the proportion of liquid binder is critical then this may be the right addition for your laboratory.  Contact us for more details and a trial with your products.

Caleva offer equipment and development support for full-scale production as well as bench-top equipment for formulation development and trial work.  All of our laboratory equipment is designed to facilitate fast, and trouble free, scale-up to production.


Recent Updates

Aaron Quinn has recently been working with an Major European Inorganic Chemistry & Catalysis Department who are developing three-way catalysts (for petrol vehicles) in order to meet the ever tightening emissions legislation. In a three-way catalyst, carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons are oxidised at the same time as NOx emissions (a mixture of oxides of nitrogen) are reduced to water and nitrogen.

Aaron installed a Caleva Multi Lab with the High Viscosity Mixing attachment (and  Mixer Torque Rheometer) at the Department.  Read more here.