Caleva Caleva Mixer Granulator Blender

Deagglomerate and mix or blend your small batch samples in a single operation

  • Be more flexible with your mixing of small samples using a single benchtop machine. Faster development that is more likely to succeed
  • Work efficiently with your mixing, blending and granulation of your small batches quickly
  • How do I mix very small batches of my product? (case study)
  • Proven ability to mix, blend, de-agglomerate and granulate a wide range of different materials in small batches. The system will work with many of your fine powders, powder mixtures, pulp, blends, agglomerated materials, pastes, spreads, waxes and slurries; It’s not a “rock crusher” (10 Nm max torque) but it is extremely versatile
  • Demonstrated efficacy with powder batch sizes from about 10 g to 50 g depending on the bulk density of the sample
  • Liquids creams and fluids have been demonstrated to be blended with batch sizes ranging from  20 ml to 170 ml
  • Efficiently de-clump (de-agglomerate or de-lump) your compacted powders and particles.


A component of the Caleva Multi Lab that is finding its own place as a separate and highly versatile  small laboratory Mixer/Blender/Granulator.  The Caleva MGB is a must for any laboratory who need to complete these processes quickly with small sample sizes. An ideal mixer for many development processes designed to improve the chances of success in development projects.

The small size enhances the possibility to progress through trial iterations quickly offering faster results to enable and enhance your progress quickly to reach your objectives  faster.  Speed up your R&D, make good use of your budgets.

Two different mixing bowl and blade sets are available depending on the properties of your product and what you are trying to achieve. 

Acquire the right options for your products and objectives from the beginning with water jacketed bowls and different bowl sizes available.  Bowl inserts  are also available to further enhance your batch size options. Discuss your project with us today and let us help you make the right choices.


Will it help in your laboratory and industry to achieve your objective?
    • We have tested a lot of different products covering a range of industries from food and pharmaceutical to catalysts and petrochemicals as well as cosmetics and fish food.
    • We have successfully tested inorganic chemicals to crystalline salts.
    • We have blended and mixed a wax at room temperature evenly distributing this throughout a light fluffy organic powder.
    • We have blended mixtures of pastes and gels.
    • The list goes on and we are still finding new applications and industries for this flexible laboratory unit.
    • No matter what your industry or your product characteristics talk to us, discuss what you want to achieve and let’s see if this magnificent mixer/blender/granulator (the Caleva MGB) will offer you the additional ability you need in your laboratory.
The Caleva MGB in use
      • Provides your laboratory with an opportunity to mix, granulate and blend a wind range of small samples.
      • Development progress can be faster and new ideas can be tried very quickly with minimum use of product.
      • Increase your chances of R&D success.
      • Complete more iterations of your development trials and achieve your objectives with less time and product usage..
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