How do I decide which laboratory extruder and spheronizer I should choose

Caleva offers three different kits for use in the laboratory. These kits are designed to give customers a choice so the equipment chosen will be the most appropriate for their specific needs. There are three key things to consider.

  • The batch size you want to work with. This is fundamental and is generally the first thing you need to decide.
  • Do you need the ability to work with extrudate or pellets of different density? The effect of density on a formulation can effect product properties. If your formulation is new then the ability to look at the effect of product density is recommended.
  • If your development will lead to production then consider the extruder type you want to use for production now. This can have significant long range practical and financial consequences.

How do I decide which laboratory extruder and spheronizer I should choose - download full article

실험실의 압출기 및 Spheronizer 를 선택하는 법 - download full article in Korean

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实验室挤出滚圆机 - download the full article in Chinese


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