Equipment for Teaching Facilities & Universities

Wet granulation and tablet formulation equipment for teaching and research 

Practical demonstrations and hands-on experience play a pivotal role in teaching and education.

With Caleva’s range of specialist bench-top laboratory equipment you can demonstrate industrial manufacturing processes at a small scale in the comfort of your classroom, and provide the opportunity for your students to use the equipment themselves.

Small batch sizes and fast processing times means you can easily teach the entire process within a single lesson. 


Csaba Sinka with Caleva Screen Extruder demonstrating extrusion to a room of people

Used in Teaching Facilities all Over the World

Caleva's wet granulation laboratory equipment is already used in many education facilities and universities all over the world for both teaching and research. 

Benefiting from simple controls, robust design, and minimal maintenance requirements, Caleva equipment is ideal for educational settings like universities where there may be many users of the equipment. 

With Caleva equipment you can open up a world of learning opportunities to engage your students and help them understand new and complex concepts.



Equipment for Teaching & Research 

For wet granulation extrusion and spheronization, and tablet coating Caleva offers a range of machines all of which have small footprints and are designed to sit on a standard bench-top. 

Teach Wet Granulation Extrusion & Spheronization 

For smaller batch sizes (10 - 40g) the Multi Lab Scientific allows you to process powder into pellets (beads/granules) in under 15 minutes which makes this machine ideal for teaching, and for allowing small groups of students to use the machine to mix, extrude, and spheronize their own small batches of pellets during practical lessons. 

For larger batches of powders between 150g - 1kg the Multi Bowl Spheronization Kit and Variable Density Kit are ideal for demonstrating the extrusion and spheronization processes to a group of students. 

Teach Tablet Coating

The process of coating tablets, pellets, or capsules can be demonstrated to your students using Caleva's Mini Coater Drier, a bench-top coater and drier which benefits from having a small batch size requirement from just 1 tablet or capsule up to a small handful. This means the process can typically be completed in under 30 minutes, using minimal materials which helps to your costs down. 

Teach Wet Granulation Formulation Development

Designed to measure and characterise wet granulation properties, the Mixer Torque Rheometer is ideal for formulation development within any application using a wet granulation step. It provides precise quantitative data about your wet granulation by measuring the torque during the mixing process. This helps to teach students about the ideal liquid to solid ratio for their required outcome - whether that is a granulation, extrudate,  pellets (or beads), or tablet formulation.



Suitable for Use in a Wide Range of Fields

Caleva's bench-top laboratory equipment is suitable for use in a wide range of different fields including:

  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Chemical 
  • Food 
  • Nutraceutical 
  • Cosmetic 
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • And more.

For more information on how Caleva equipment is being used you can view our Google Scholar page to search published papers from your field.



These instruments are user-friendly, with a simple operating process that enables quick disassembly and installation. Even new users can learn the entire process quickly. These instruments are highly beneficial for formulation development in R&D labs and for teaching purposes at universities.

Dr May Song University of South Australia

We are positively surprised by the ease of use and time saved making the beads.

Tristan Spreng Imperial College London

I highly recommend the MTR (Mixer Torque Rheometer) for pharmaceutical formulation research as well as teaching diverse topics in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Dr Francis Brako The Medway School of Pharmacy

An invaluable resource to the research at the Bernal Institute, particularly in the activities of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC)

Prof. G.W. University of Limerick

The instrument was highly efficient and produced spherical pellets with high drug load. Furthermore, the simplified design allowed ease of operation. My work with this instrument led to the publishing of a journal article in Pharmaceutics.

A.M. Rhodes University

Very convenient, well designed, and helped my research a lot.

B.Y. Nazarbayev University

an important instrument during the initial development of Liqui-Pellet technology

Dr M.L. University of Sussex

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