Caleva Japan

Caleva works in Japan with their distributor Higuchi

Caleva have worked with Higuchi extensively and have formed a strong, trusting relationship. Higuchi are experts in tabletting outcomes for research & development, and possess a deep understanding of how the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer can benefit any laboratory or production environment. They also offer expertise surrounding the rest of the Caleva range and will work hard to help you succeed in your formulation development.

"Our belief is that direct communication will enable us to understand your needs, which is a very important factor in order to make sure you get the equipment you need in a timely and accurate manner. In particular, we focus on our relationship with project team researchers and technicians who actually develop the new products for customers."

If you are involved in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, catalyst, ceramic, agriculture, biotech or aquaculture industries and are considering Caleva equipment as the right solution for you, then talk to Caleva or Higuchi today.

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Contact Higuchi

Taiyo Life Shinagawa Building
2-16-2 Kohnan
Tokyo 108-0075



Mr Koji Fuwa


Koji has years of experience with research & development solutions and production scale machinery, and has excellent communication skills which allow him to deliver brilliant customer service.
Koji has considerable knowledge about the entire range of the Caleva equipment.

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