Powder to Pellets in less than 30 minutes

Visit our lab with your pharmaceutical, chemical or food material and complete a full "powder to pellet" experiment/iteration very quickly. We make pellets using our Multi Lab in  23 minutes. This efficiency in R&D projects and feasibility studies has helped many researchers who are using equipment from Caleva.

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Caleva have been helping people to extrude & spheronize, all around the world for more than 50 years


  • R&D 50g Batch Mix Extrude Spheronize .

  • R&D Variable Density Extrusion .

  • Mixer Torque Rheometer .

  • Small Batch Mixer Granulator Blender .


  • 50 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 100 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 150 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • High Density Gear Extruder .