Caleva's Spheronization Challenge

Test your materials in our development lab

We will work with you in our laboratory to make pellets or extrudates. Find the correct binder addition with the Mixer Torque Rheometer.  Vary the density of your product to achieve the result you need with the Caleva Multi Lab.  Learn how to increase the surface area to volume ratio of your catalyst extrudate.  See for yourself how fast it is to complete a range of experiments in your pharmaceutical development work.  

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Caleva have been helping people to extrude & spheronize, all around the world for more than 50 years


  • R&D 50g Batch Mix Extrude Spheronize .

  • R&D Variable Density Extrusion .

  • Mixer Torque Rheometer .

  • Small Batch Mixer Granulator Blender .


  • 50 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 100 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 150 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • High Density Gear Extruder .