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We remain here at your service and continue to support our existing and new customers. We can ship equipment in support of your research & development projects. Do you need to speed up your R&D or increase your manufacturing capacity? 

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Caleva have been helping people to extrude & spheronize, all around the world for more than 50 years


  • R&D 50g Batch Mix Extrude Spheronize .

  • R&D Variable Density Extrusion .

  • Mixer Torque Rheometer .

  • Mini Coater Drier .


  • 50 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 100 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • 150 kg/h Pellet Production System .

  • High Density Gear Extruder .


Caleva were extremely nice and knowledgeable through presenting new technology and reliable products that achieve our client’s needs and satisfaction.

Qusay Kareem Knowledge House Engineering Supplies

Caleva provided very helpful advice before we finally purchased their equipment. We found their after sales advice very great too.

Ioannis Yannikos Aristotle University

We were very pleased with the quality of service that Caleva provided. We sincerely appreciate their attentiveness and the way they conduct their business.

David Haroun Labise

We are very happy with the 2 sets of extruders/spheronizers and appreciate the excellent assistance from the whole Caleva staff.

DIFFUCAP-CHEMOBRAS Quimica e Farmaceutica Ltda

Following a training session provided by Caleva, our experienced PhD student rapidly got to grips with the equipment and found it straightforward

Dr Alexander Edwards University of Reading

The Caleva Powder Extrusion Suite is an invaluable resource to the research at the Bernal Institute, particularly in the activities of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC)

Prof. Gavin Walker University of Limerick

The system works well and is in particular attractive for us due to its ability to work with extremely small numbers of tablets. We are very satisfied.

Dr Gerhard Winter LMU Munich

We have bought Caleva Extruder, Spheronizer and coater systems in Summer 2015. We had a very good training about the instrument by Caleva. They were really flexible.

Ali Nokhodchi University of Sussex