Services & Spares Kits


Services Available from Caleva

We offer a range of services from onsite and remote training and installation, to validation options for your new or used equipment. Our services can be customised so that they are appropriate for your specific requirements. 

Provided as Standard:

  • Comprehensive Instructions for installation, use and maintenance
  • Support for GLP / GMP; detailed cleaning instructions including materials listing and product contact surface areas
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO certified Quality Management System (request a copy of Caleva's ISO certification)

Additional Services Available from Caleva:

  • Manual translations (upon request outside EU)
  • Certified copies of mill test certificates / certificates of conformity
  • Certified copies of inspection and test certificates
  • Training - either online or at your site
  • Installation / Commissioning
  • IQ/OQ validation test protocols
  • IQ/OQ validation test protocols completed by Caleva at your site
  • Calibration equipment
  • FAT / SAT completed by Caleva

To enquire about any of the services above, or to enquire about a service which is not listed here, please contact our team using the form below. 


Spares Kits for Maintenance 

Maintain the optimal performance of your equipment by following the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines included in your equipment manual. 

Caleva machines require minimal maintenance through regular checks and simple replacement of consumable parts which can be done by your team. Regular inspections, which are easily done during cleaning, will highlight any worn consumable parts. Immediate replacement of worn parts will ensure your machine runs smoothly and provides accurate and reliable results. 

Spares Kits are available for all of Caleva's laboratory machines. We recommend you keep a Spares Kit handy so worn or misplaced parts can be replaced quickly, preventing downtime during your project. 

To enquire about a Spares Kits or Service please use the form below


CML spares pack labelled-1
MTR spares full and labelled
MCD spares pack full and labelled



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