Caleva Gear Extrusion and Spheronization High Density Kit

Why would you select a Gear extruder?

  • Production rates of about 50 kg per hour
  • Do you want a higher compression that a screen extruder will give you?
  • Do you need less heat generation than a screw extruder will give you?
  • A gear extruder could be your best option 
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The Caleva Gear Extruder high density Extrusion and Spheronization kit is a small scale production kit with an output between about 40 to 60 kg per hour linked with a Caleva Spheronizer 500.

The Caleva Gear Extruder 40 is a cost effective gear extruder ideal for many pharmaceutical and other industrial applications where a dense, high quality, extrudate is required.

Gear extruders have significant and real advantages when high density extrudate is required and especially with products that can be sensitive to heat.

The principle of operation is different to other extruders. The product is allowed to fall between two rotating gears. The base of the gear tooth has holes so that the product is pushed through the base of each gear into the hollow centre and falls out of the front of the gear.

This process is the type of extrusion that generates the least possible amount of heat during the extrusion process.

If you need a high density Extrudate and your product is sensitive to heat then talk to us and discover if a gear extruder is the right choice for you.


When might you select a gear extruder?
  • If you want higher compression than a screen extruder will give you
  • If you need less heat generation than a screw extruder will generate
  • A gear extruder could be your best option if you need higher extrusion pressures and your product is sensitive to heat.
The High Density Pellet System:
  • Designed to provide you with a pellet manufacturing system where higher pressures offer you benefits but heat might cause you problems!
  • Reliable equipment with the experience of the company that invented and named the process of Spheronization.
Small Footprint
  • Separate units that you can store easily when not in use
  • Will pass through a standard (800mm) door
  • Use your available space efficiently
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