Caleva - United States & Canada

Caleva works in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico with their distributor A C Compacting Equipment LLC

ACC have worked in partnership with Caleva for more than 20 years and they have built up extensive experience in the fields of extrusion, spheronization and tablet coating. They have a fully stocked laboratory where formulations can be developed and optimized.

With advanced technical capabilities, they fully support the maintenance and service requirements for Caleva equipment. Richard, Paul and the team at ACC are perfectly placed to be able to support any enquiries about the evaluation and purchase of Caleva equipment purchase - from research & development through to scale up and manufacturing.

If you are based in the U.S, Canada or Puerto Rico and have any questions about Caleva equipment and services, or anything relating to extrusion, spheronization or coating please contact one of the team using the details on this page.

In partnership with Caleva, AC Compacting Equipment have supported the following industries:
Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Oil & Gas, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Catalysts, Chemical, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Food, and many more.


Caleva and A C Compacting attend Installation at Impax Taiwan

Caleva's leading designer, Mr Michael Silvey recently attended preliminary installations at Impax Laboratories Inc in Taiwan. Michael worked alongside Impax engineers and A C Compacting LLC, Mr Larry Malchuk, to set up the installation of the 2nd (in a series of several) Caleva 700 Twin Spheronizers... Read More

Caleva and AC Compacting Forge a New Alliance

Following a successful strategy meeting in New Jersey, Mr Alan Webb (new sales Director for Caleva) and Mr Paul Bick (the new President of AC Compacting) sign a new distribution agreement. Read More

Caleva at AAPS in San Diego November 2014

The small batch size of the sample (50g wet weight), the limited bench space required for a granulator, extruder and spheronizer were topics of interest for Dr Santander as well as other visitors to the stand of AC Compacting. Read More

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1577 Livingston Ave
PO Box 7266
North Brunswick
NJ 08902

Telephone: +1 732 249 6900
Fax: +1 732 249 6909



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Richard Landreman


Richard comes from an investment background and brings decades of effective business management experience to bear in his management of the entire operation.



Paul Bick

Vice President

Paul looks after all sales for the business and is extremely knowledgeable across a variety of techniques and industries.



John Phelps

Process Development Specialist

John will be the point of contact for all Caleva enquiries and through years of working in close partnership with us has all of the expertise you will require to ensure that you receive the very best solution to meet your needs