Caleva South Korea

Caleva works in South Korea with their distributor MCIK

MCIK are experts in the pharmaceutical, ceramics and catalyst industries for both research & development equipment, and manufacturing scale machinery. They are highly knowledgeable in how Caleva equipment can help you to achieve your formulation development goals.

If you are considering Caleva equipment as the right option to accelerate your formulation development projects and ensure your highest chances of success, then talk to Caleva or MCIK.

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Contact MCIK

MCIK Co. Ltd.
Suite 109, Business Center 101-Dong
Hyundai-Hyperion 413 Seobingo-Ro,
Yongsan-Gu Seoul 140-910, Korea

Phone: +82-2-3143-2740 / -1979
Fax: +82-2-3143-2753



Donghyun Kim

MCIK - Material characterization

Donghyun is highly capable when it comes to research & development solutions and production scale machinery, and has excellent customer service skills which allow her to deliver high quality results to her customers.

Donghyun has considerable knowledge about the entire range of the Caleva equipment.

Contact Donghyun here: