Caleva Malaysia

Caleva works in Malaysia with their distributor Chemopharm

With 50 years of experience, Chemopharm are experts in their field and excel in their knowledge of both manufacturing scale equipment, and machinery for research & development. They offer their support and knowledge of Caleva equipment and will help you to succeed in your formulation development.

"We take pride and confidence in ourselves, our work & overcoming challenges and obstacles till we achieve our success. We ensure that trust is built and kept through honesty, communication, cooperation & openness in all that we do." 

If you are considering Caleva equipment as the right option for your development program, then talk to Caleva or Chemopharm.

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Phone Number: +603 7872 6000



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Chin has a strong history in research & development solutions and production scale machinery. She has excellent communication skills which allow her to deliver brilliant customer service.

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