Caleva works in India with their partner, Mr Hirak Dasgupta

Caleva has worked with Mr Hirak Dasgupta for many years with great success.  Extremely competent in the field of extrusion and spheronization at the R&D or manufacturing scale, Mr Dasgupta offers expertise in how Caleva equipment can help you to succeed in your formulation development, particularly in the use of the Caleva Multi Lab and the Caleva Mixer Torque Rheometer.

If you are involved in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, catalyst, ceramic, agriculture, biotech or aquaculture industries and are considering extrusion & spheronization as the right technique for you to make pellets (or extrudate) then please talk to Caleva or Mr Dasgupta.

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Contact Caleva in India

Mr Hirak Dasgupta

CG/1 - 1903 Capetown, Supertech
Noida, Gautam Budha Naga 201301

Mobile: 9313850110
Office 0120 492 0877



Hirak Dasgupta

Hirak has strong leadership skills and excellent customer service and communication skills.  Customer service and first-class communication is very important to Hirak.

Hirak has considerable Project Management experience and technical knowledge across the entire range of the Caleva equipment.