Caleva works in France with their distributor Medelpharm

MEDELPHARM’s philosophy is based on the continuous search for innovation in powder compression for research & development experts linked to a sustained strive for excellence in close partnership with our customers.

After over 70 years of deep-rooted passion for high precision engineering, MEDELPHARM broke away from the purely mechanical industry and put the design & development of R&D Tablet Presses and tableting technologies in the focus of its operations.

Complete and innovative solutions are ensured by a global team of highly competent professionals in the field of engineering, software development, tableting technologies & formulation.


Contact Medelpharm

12, rue des Petites Combes, Z.I.
F-01700 Beynost, France
Phone +33 478 976 210
Fax +33 478 88 18 65

MEDELPHARM Science Laboratory
12, rue des Petites Combes, Z.I.
F-01700 Beynost, France
Laboratory Manager: Adrien Pelloux, PharmD
Phone: +33 (0) 478 066 890 | Mobile +33 (0) 673 39 99 85