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Caleva works in China with their distributor Goodwill

Caleva have created a great relationship with Goodwill over many years. Goodwill are experts in both machinery for research & development, and manufacturing scale equipment. They offer expertise in how Caleva equipment can help you to succeed in your formulation development.

"Goodwill is the China's leader in the extrusion and spheronization of pharmaceutical equipment, providing various models from laboratory to production scale. Please inform us by phone or e-mail about your detailed requirements for the equipment you need for. Our agents will communicate with you in the local language and provide you with what you need Technical solutions and business needs."

If you are involved in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, catalyst, ceramic, agriculture, biotech or aquaculture industries and are considering extrusion & spheronization as the right technique for you to make pellets (or extrudate) then talk to Caleva or Goodwill.

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Contact Goodwill

Contact information

Beijing: 010-66155031/32/33

Shanghai: 010-68367139 13817262679

Guangzhou: 020-87031532 13825115667



Shen Jiaqiang

Goodwill (Hong Kong) Technology Ltd.

Shen has extensive experience in research & development solutions and production scale machinery, and has excellent communication skills which allow him to deliver brilliant customer service.

Shen has considerable knowledge about the entire range of the Caleva equipment.

Contact Shen here: