Accept the Caleva Spheronization Challenge

Extrusion and Spheronization trials - success for you in your R&D

This service is offered with no charge to you - the only condition being that you come to our site and we work with you.

We have a suite of our equipment for granulating, extruding & spheronizing.  We will work with you and your materials to make pellets or extrudates. We want to help you to achieve your aims with your materials.

  • Discuss your project with us - what are your materials and what is the required size and density of the final product? Together we will record details of how the final product was successfully achieved and what we recommend going forward.
  • Not everything can be extruded or spheronized, though we ourselves are sometimes surprised to discover what can. Why not give Caleva a try? As you spend time with Caleva you can learn a great deal, very quickly, and establish the next steps in your project.
  • You will be able to work with the Caleva Multi Lab
  • Learn the unique benefits of the Mixer Torque Rheometer
  • For materials used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, catalyst, nutraceutical, aquafarming, agrochemical, cosmetic, biotechnology or food technology industries.  

Dr Steve Robinson and the Spheronization Challenge with Donghyun Kim from MCIK Korea.