Terapia choose Caleva Extruder and Spheronizer

Florin Radoi of Terapia and Steven Robinson from Caleva at Terpia site in Romania

Terapia is the largest and most successful pharmaceutical company in Romania specializing in the production of generic medicines. It has good brands and a consistent track record of successful growth. It has its own sales force and is determined to become a significant player in both the CIS and EU markets. Terapia has chosen Caleva Process Solutions to be its partner in the provision of extruders and spheronizers for development and production of pharmaceutical pellets. By choosing Caleva as their partner for their extrusion and spheronization requirements another step towards this goal is achieved.

As part of the Sunpharma group (recently acquired by SunPharma from Ranbaxy) the installation of this new equipment into this newly built pharmaceutical research and development centre this gives additional opportunities to both companies. Caleva is proud to work with Terapia for the development of equipment for the development and manufacture or pharmaceutical beads and pellets.

The installation and qualification of the new Extruder 35 and Spheronizer 380 was successfully completed at the Terapia site in a joint operation by Caleva and Terapia technical staff. The installation, training and a full IQ/OQ was successfully completed during a full three days of co-operative work.

For more information about the integration of Terapia and SunPharma look at this link:

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