Caleva ex-Demonstration Equipment offer

Ex-demonstration models available to purchase at a discounted price*

We have a limited number of ex-demonstration laboratory units that have been fully refurbished and we are pleased to offer these at a discounted price. 

They are supported and guaranteed in the same way that a brand new machine is. This equipment has been carefully used in our lab to provide demonstrations. Each component has been cleaned, replaced or refurbished to ensure that the equipment is like new.

This offer is available until 8th July 2021.  *Contact us to find out which units and configurations are available.

Below are examples of some of pieces available

Caleva Multi Laboptimize-formulation-characteristics-and-research-powder-binder-relationships-easily-using-the-mixer-torque-rheometer-mtr_lrg-1

caleva-mini-coater-drier      with-the-variable-density-extruder-from-caleva-you-can-increase-the-active-material-in-your-unit-dose-in-clinical-trials_med

caleva-extruder-20-comes-complete-with-safety-cover-loading-tray-and-productino-collection-tray-so-work-can-begin-immediately_med        the-renowned-caleva-multi-bowl-spheronizer-is-the-industry-standard-and-with-its-rnage-of-optional-bowls-can-be-made-suiable-for-batches-from-1-gram-to-1.5-kilograms_med

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Andrea Newton
By Andrea Newton
25 May 2021 in Formulation Development

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